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XLight 2.x

    XLight™ 2.x is an advanced and powerful device for software protection fully compatible with the previous Xlight™ architecture.

    Protect your applications with XLight™ 2.x is simple and requires little development effort: the protection will be effective unless the need to install software support and drivers.

    The provided examples show the developer how to utilize in an effective way the potential of the XLight™ architecture.

    The fact that no drivers are required (the device is driverless) ensures that XLight™ 2.x will work on any future version of the operating systems.

Time management

    XLight™ 2.x is able to manage a timer that blocks selected functions on expiration.

    So it can be decided how long the application will be usable (actual running minutes) and stop working after the time is elapsed.

    You can rent the application for a given amount of minutes, and after its expiration you can always charge new time. Thanks to the tools provided by OxySec, this operation can be performed remotely and safely.


Time-based licenses

    From firmware release 2.20 XLight allows explicit management of time-based licenses: you can set a specific date beyond which the device will block some or all of the functions by preventing the application to run.

    The remote update of license data can be done safely with the tools provided directly by OxySec.

Feature available from June 2014


    The architecture uses a communication protocol encrypted with AES 256-bits, the state of the art in terms of symmetric key encryption.

    The data stored in the memory banks are password protected, and can be modified or frozen at any time.

    The data of a frozen bank can not be changed but just read.

    The onboard encryption performed with RSA algorithm with 512 or 1024 bits keys guarantee extremely safe challenge-response transactions for verifying the authenticity of the device.


Ease of use

    There is no driver to install, just your code together a *.dll (or an *.obj) that allows the communication with the device.

    Comprehensive examples in various languages will show you how to get the best from the XLight™ 2.x device.


    Protect your software means to protect your investment and your know-how.

    XLight™ 2.x will allow you to protect your intellectual property at a very competitive price.

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