Technical Specifications

USB Interface
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed Interface - 12Mb/sec
  • USB HID Device (Human Interface Device)
  • No driver installation needed
  • New version with USB Type C connector

Cortex M0 Processor

    XLight™ 2.x uses the 32-bit Cortex M0 processor that allows you to achieve outstanding performance.

    XLight™ 2.x achieves performance that will surprise you and it is fully compatible with the previous version.

    Thanks to the incredible computing power available, XLight™ 2.x is equipped with the RSA asymmetric key cryptographic algorithm with key of length 512 and 1024 bits.


  • Setting of customizable Label (64 bytes) and Password (32 bytes)
  • 7 banks with 64 bytes each of non-volatile memory (EEPROM) for storing data provided by the developer
  • Possibility to individually freeze the memory banks
  • Data with read/write password protection
  • API for Windows (XP SP3 and later)
  • Libraries for MAC OsX from Rel. 10.7
  • Android Libraries
  • Waterproof and tamper-evident rubber shell
  • Customizable shell for high number of pieces

  • Setting of two AES 256 bits encryption keys
  • Encryption, decryption and challenge-response commands on the previously set AES keys
  • * Up to 8 session keys settable at runtime for AES 256 encryption
  • * Encryption commands for the AES session keys
  • * Setting of two RSA keys (a 512 and a 1024 bits respectively)
  • * Encryption commands for the RSA keys

Timer management
  • Fully independent timer management: highly accurate (50ppm)
  • Timer configurable with a resolution of one minute
  • Timer configurable for a period of up to more than 500 million hours
  • Possibility to add further time to the timer before and after expiration
  • Choice of functions to be locked on timer expiration
  • Application for reading (client side) and setting (developer side) in encrypted mode the timer configuration parameters

 Counters management
  • Four internal counters available
  • Choice of the functions to be locked on countdown completion
  • Choice of the functions that cause a counter countdown step when performed
  • Explicit decrease of counters
  • Application for reading (client side) and setting (developer side) in encrypted mode the counters configuration parameters

Licence with expiration date***
  • Expiration date setting
  • Current time setting
  • Date remote check and signed date service update within in hardware predefined time intervals  
  • Functions selection to be stopped at license expiration 
  • Utility for encrypted read (client side) and upgrade (developer side) of all the expiring license working parameters
  • Possibility to open a session and avoid multiple access to the dongle from other hosts and virtual machines
  • Anti-debug system based on AES session keys
  • Possibility to bind RSA keys setting to each XLight device serial number
*** Only for Windows

  • Configuration and management of up to 64 independent modules
  • Per each module open and close granularity
  • Challenge-response open module verification with AES256 or with RSA 512 or 1024 bit keys

XLightC dimensions



Standard XLightC dimensions